An affordable offer that will bring your home to life in a new look. Bring fresh energy to the kitchen, bedroom, children's room and other rooms with quality products from Supernova.

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Wonderful ideas for home furnishing, comfort and decoration

It takes so little for a home to come to life with new fresh energy. For your comfort, at Supernova Kamnik you will find a wide range of useful, innovative and decorative products for home, garden and household. From beautiful decorative cushions, warm blankets, pillows and other home textiles to modern picture frames, vases for your favourite bouquets and modern accessories that make your life easier. The offer of home stores will impress you with exceptional quality, modern design and excellent prices. Find inspiration for a modern lifestyle. Furnish your home according to the latest trends of modern living or opt for an eternal classic that never goes out of fashion. In the original offer for the home, you will also find ideas for beautiful gifts among innovative products and beautiful decor. Give your loved ones home comforts or take advantage of your Supernova Gift Card and treat yourself to something beautiful.

Recognized quality pampers you from morning to evening

From the morning, when you wake up refreshed and well rested on a new comfortable mattress, wrapped in soft cotton bedding, to the evening when you sip fragrant tea from your favourite cup in front of the TV. In Supernova Kamnik offer for the home, you will find many exceptional products that will brighten up your day at every step. From mattresses, bedding, towels, pans and all cookware equipment at Vitapur store to Top Shop trademark best-selling and most desirable products for the bedroom, kitchen, beauty, garden and leisure. Original accessories, cleaning products, food processors, mixers and other household equipment have never been so accessible. Visit TEDi store for beautiful decoration and quality products for the bathroom, cooking, baking and more at an extremely affordable price.